Dining Halls

MSU dining halls cater to every allergy or food preference you might have. During the summer, dining halls are open at Brody Square, on the western edge of campus, and the Vista at Shaw Hall, located approximately five minutes away from Wells Hall.

Nearby Restaurants

The campus of MSU is surrounded by many affordable local restaurants that rely on Michigan-sourced produce, quirky culinary gems, as well as a variety of international cuisines for both meat-fanatics and vegetarians. Cuisines include Ethiopian, Korean, Chinese, Creole, Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese, and BBQ.

Lansing’s Old Town and REO Town have some innovative riffs on American diner food with great shakes and tasty hot breakfasts as well as authentic Mexican and artisanal pizza joints specializing in Detroit-style or Neapolitan pies.

Coffee Shops

There is also a thriving coffee culture with top notch options such as:

Ice Cream Stores

If you like ice cream, the MSU Dairy Store is where you can get better-than-Ben-and-Jerry’s ice cream made by the university’s dairy science students (and MSU’s happiest cows). Ask for a sample at the counter.