All of the accommodations listed below are within walking distance of MSU’s Wells Hall, the location of the conference.

Please note that none of these lodging options permit smoking of any kind.


Marriott East Lansing at University Place

The Marriott Hotel East Lansing is located near the many restaurants and the (not very noisy) nightlife of East Lansing. It is very centrally located right across the street from the University. There are a host of coffeeshops, a used bookstore, record shop, bubble tea shop, and good ramen among other notable hot spots. Apparently the Marriott has a fairly nice breakfast. The hotel offers a free shuttle service for those flying into the Lansing airport and is immediately adjacent to the station for the Michigan Flyer bus service to/from Detroit.


If booked as part of the SPSP block group rate, Marriott rooms will be available at the reduced rate of around $154 per night.


Call +1 (517) 337-4440 or book your room online.

Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center

The Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center is run by the university, and is located on the west side of campus. It has its own (very good) restaurant, The State Room. However, it is about .7 mi (1.1 km) walk to the other restaurants in East Lansing. The Kellogg is popular, so book early.


The rate for rooms is around $155 per night. 


Call +1 (800) 875-5090 or book your room on the hotel website.

University Residence Hall Option

Mayo Hall

Mayo Hall is the oldest residence hall on campus, built in 1931 as a standalone women’s dormitory in honor of its namesake, Mary Anne Mayo. Mayo was a leading member of the Michigan State Grange and an elected member of the Michigan Agricultural College (MAC) Committee (MAC would later become Michigan State University). Renovated in 2009, it is a gorgeous example of MSU’s iconic architecture.

Each guest in Mayo Hall will be provided with a towel, a pillow, pillow case, two sheets, and a blanket.

Mayo Hall is not air conditioned.


The room rate for a single is $40 per night. Double rooms may also be available.


To register for one of the rooms in Mayo Hall, please indicate your interest on the online registration form (coming soon!)